Signs That Your Fuel Pump Needs Repair

A malfunctioning fuel pump is bad news because your vehicle can't run without it. The fuel pump will give you definite signs that something is amiss before it fails completely. Here is what to look for when driving in the Tupelo, MS region.

An engine sputtering at high speeds means the fuel pump is having difficulty delivering fuel to the engine. Look for rising temperature while on the road, which can point to a pump emergency. Monitor the fuel pressure gauge to make sure that delivery is consistent. Another critical sign is a loss of power when climbing a hill or towing a heavy load. Surging is another typical sign. Decreased gas mileage can also point to a fuel pump problem.

If you suspect problems with your vehicle's fuel pump, bring it in for servicing at the Barnes Crossing Auto Group car repair facility nearest you. Our technicians will be happy to inspect it and make the needed repair.

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