Signs of an Exhaust Leak

Your vehicle's exhaust system is essential, as it takes harmful gases away from the engine and passenger compartment and sends them out the tailpipe into the surrounding atmosphere. Leaks in the exhaust system can damage the vehicle, and the air quality inside the vehicle will be toxic.

If you notice hissing and popping noises coming from the tailpipe, that is a sign that your exhaust might be leaking. If you notice that there is a new vibration in the vehicle, that is a warning sign that the exhaust may be rusting and leaking. Also, if your vehicle lacks power at high speeds and has reduced gas mileage, it may be due to a leak in some park of the exhaust system.

If you live in Tupelo, MS and suspect your vehicle might have an exhaust system problem, contact Barnes Crossing Auto Group for a thorough exhaust system inspection. Exhaust repairs and replacement can be completed as necessary.

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