What to Know Before Changing a Flat Tire

It’s a good idea to practice changing a tire before the unfortunate event occurs. It’s not complicated, but it does take a little knowledge.

To change out a flat tire, you will need a car jack and a lug wrench. You should keep a flashlight with fresh batteries in your car for emergencies, and to use if you have to change a tire at night. Wheel chocks are good to have also. Chocks are blocks put behind and in front of the car's tires to prevent the vehicle from rolling. If you don’t have chocks, large rocks or a log will work in a pinch. A spray lubricant will help loosen stubborn lug nuts.

If you are driving and discover you have a flat, pull safely off the road onto a flat surface. Make sure the vehicle is off, and the emergency brake is set. Begin by loosening the lug nuts with the lug wrench. These nuts are on tight. If they do not budge, spray a lubricate on them and try again. Do not take the lug nuts off just loosen them. Jack the car up. Remove the nuts and replace the tire. Check your owner’s manual for directions on how to operate the jack and release the spare tire.

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