What Are Gaskets?

People in Tupelo, MS tend to value their automotive knowledge compared to average people in other places. Still, what is a gasket? Why is it the leading cause of the more seemingly mysterious engine failures? Our auto service professionals here to shed some light on this!

These objects are really just a special seal made of flexible steel and/or copper layers with a tough rubbery exterior. They keep fluids from mixing or leaking, and they keep air in or out of places. The most important ones to keep an eye on are: exhaust/intake manifold (controlling temperature and keeping air where it belongs), oil pan (keeping oil in the pan needed by the moving crankshaft) and cylinder head (padding between the head and the block).

Inevitable failure is easy to spot, they’ll be less flexible, gaps will begin to appear, buildup of deposits will occur and the coating will peel, crack or change color. You can keep this from happening so soon by knowing when your engine is hotter than the specs, changing your oil dependably, and frequently replacing/topping off your driving fluid, antifreeze and coolant.

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