Enjoy Better Fuel Economy

May 27th, 2019 by

Today's vehicles are designed with more efficient engines that require less fuel to function. Many new vehicles come in different model options that enable owners to select the level of fuel economy they prefer. However, driving habits also play a role in fuel consumption. A few tips may save drivers more money.

Cold weather may reduce fuel efficiency by up to 22 percent. The external environment combined with vehicle fluids and the necessity of various features put added stress on the engine. Resist the urge to warm up the vehicle for longer than 30 seconds, which wastes gas. The engine warms faster when the vehicle is actually being driven.

During the summer, drive with the windows open to allow the warm air to exit before turning on the air conditioner. Use the AC for traveling on the open road only. In town, roll the windows down to save on fuel. Keep heating and cooling system functional. See us at Barnes Crossing Auto Group.


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