Explore Ford Co-Pilot360 Technology

April 29th, 2019 by

Ford's legacy of innovation continues with its integration of a new driver-assist technology suite in all of its 2019 models. Enjoy safety features that will alert you to danger and driver-assist features that eliminate the boredom of repetitive tasks.

Reduce driver fatigue with adaptive cruise control that accelerates and brakes automatically when it senses other traffic is nearby. Ford Co-Pilot360 will also keep the vehicle in the center of the lane and automatically raises or lowers the high beams in response to oncoming traffic.

Safety features include pedestrian detection features that monitor both front and rear for obstructions and alert the driver while applying the brakes to avoid collision. The rear backup camera gives the driver greater spacial awareness for maneuvering into tight spots. Co-Pilot360 will also slow the vehicle in the event of a crash and practice evasive steering when necessary. Ford will continue its driver assist technological advances as it works to improve the driving experience for its customers.


Enjoy a Confident Drive in a Ford

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